Thursday, August 15, 2019

Staying Safe from Distracted Drivers and Those with Negative Attitudes

Jim’s Tech Talk

By Jim Langley


I’ve been a member of our local bike club, the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club since I moved here in 1982. Good members make a good club, so when I’m asked to contribute something I try to help. And this time, I think what I was asked to provide will interest you, too.

Our club newsletter editor, Grace Voss, asked if I’d like to write an editorial about an article a club member sent her way.

It’s in the online science e-zine Elemental and has the disturbing title: What’s Behind the Rise in Bike Fatalities? With the even more alarming subtitle, “Studies suggest a number of factors – including negative attitudes toward cyclists.”

Grace thought I’d be a good person to comment on that bit about the “negative attitudes toward cyclists.” Because I have ridden every day now for a little over 25 1/2 years, or roughly 9,366 consecutive days. And that doesn’t include my previous thirty years cycling, just not consecutively.

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