Tuesday, September 3, 2019

(For immediate distribution)
North Iowa Touring Club appoints Laura Giese as RAGBRAI Coordinator to fill the vacancy created by Bill Neal’s resignation.

At its March 5th, 2019, Board Meeting, Bill tendered his resignation from the positions of Membership Secretary, Treasurer and RAGBRAI Coordinator.  Thereafter, the Board of Directors appointed Laura Giese to fill the unexpired terms of Membership Secretary and RAGBRAI Coordinator.  Jana Metzger was appointed Club Treasurer to fill that unexpired term.  And, Laura Giese was subsequently appointed RAGBRAI Coordinator to fill that unexpired term.

Bill was one of the original members of North Iowa Touring Club and has filled various positions over the years.  For 30+ years he was the RAGBRAI Coordinator and provided a charter service, sanctioned by the RAGBRAI officials, to those wishing to go on RAGBRAI. 

On Friday of last week a small committee met with T.J. Juskiewicz, the director of RAGBRAI, for the purpose of ensuring North Iowa Touring Club would remain a sanctioned RAGBRAI charter service.

On five different occasions Bill organized and supervised multiday rides for the North Iowa Touring Club.  The first of which was a ride across the United States in 2000.  This was followed by a ride from Missoula, Montana to Jasper, Alberta in 2002.  Rides in Nova Scotia, Alaska and along the Pacific Coast followed.

At the spring potluck, Bill, and his wife, Becky, were awarded a plaque of appreciation for their many contributions to the Club.

Within the next few days, those who have ridden with the club on RAGBRAI will be receiving a communication from NITC updating you with respect to RAGBRAI 2020.

For any question, please email us at NITC.RAGBRAI@GMAIL.COM